Regret it.
Friday, 23 June 2017 | 01:39 | 0comments

Sometimes I regret why I tolak tawaran unisza. If I know this will happen, I'll just go to the unisza. I don't think that my soul is here. I can't really accept their culture in my college. Idk if this culture is happen dalam upper 6 too but I just can't accept it. 

What I don't like about my college is some of students are rude to the teachers. Mocking, laughing, shouting, rant. Where's your respect? That's our teacher. We supposed to respect them. They give us the ilmu and what is your balasan? Being rude to them. Wow *clap hand. Come on. You wanna get the excellent result but at the same times you're rude to your teachers? It's same like you wanna buy something but you're that lazy af to find money. Useless dude. 

One more thing that I hate about my college is why they're so desperate to find a gf/bf? Come on. Open your eyes. Ingat balik niat sebenar sebelum masuk college. It's mencari jodoh? or you wanna make your parents proud? or you wanna get the best result because your spm result was bad? I don't get it. My senior yg dulunya cegah orang from dating or couple, yg sanggup marah kawan sendiri yg couple pun now ada gf? hahaha. Takkan baru masuk college iman dah runtuh der? Belum masuk U lagi. Tah apa jadi nanti. It's 2017 dude. People nowadays busy pursuing their dreams but you just being old school, still fikir if takda patner, you're loser. Don't regret when your friends have big cars, big house but you have nothing to proud of. I know some of you will say "harta tak boleh bawa mati pun." But give yourself statisfied with your efforts. Replace your efforts with the best thing that you can proud of. 

I just need to sabar and just let them be. That's their life. But I still hate this cultures. Old school and stupid. I wish I can turn back time :'(
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