Tutup aurat pakai duit banyak ke?
Thursday, 14 December 2017 | 04:15 | 3comments
Hello my beautiful friends

Lately, I heard my friend said "covering aurat ni pakai duit banyak laa. Den tak kayo".

Okay, first of all i think that's bullshit. Why? Covering aurat tak semestinya you need to buy tudung bidang 50, 55, 60 or anything la yg labuh. As long as you want, you can. Why I said like that? Because I still can cover my chest using shawl yg bidang biasa. It's your choice. If you really want to cover your aurat, there are no alasan that you boleh buat.

I really understand yg tudung labuh mmg mahal. But, you can buat by your own. Just go to the kedai kain, then potong and jahit tepi. Done.

Jangan jadikan duit sebagai alasan untuk korang tutup aurat. Covering your aurat tak semestinya kena bertudung labuh. You still can pakai your tudung bidang biasa as long as you pakai ikut syarat. Belakang tutup, depan tutup. Lagipun, what you wanna show if you tak tutup? Is it worth it? Think. Its your choice.

Tu pasal tudung. Next baju. You said baju mahal but why you still beli baju mahal size adik you? You can buy baju yg satu size lebih besar drpd your actual size. Just like what I said. Its your choice. Think again.
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