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Bio-Essence Tanaka Bio-white Advanced Whitening Set Review


Price : RM24.90

Mula mula tak tau pun this cleanser wujud. Lepas je 'akak' watson recommended this cleanser, terus guna sampai sekarang.  I've been using this cleanser for like a year and it's so gooooood. But lain orang lain reaction dia. Before this, my skin agak kusam and kering. Lepas pakai this cleanser, my mom said my skin was glowing and pinkish. 
Yang paling best, lepas je pakai this cleanser, my skin tak rasa tegang or kering macam cleanser lain yg I pernah guna. Kadang kadang kan ada cleanser yg lepas je kita guna, kita kena cepat cepat letak moisturiser sebab takut kulit kering lepas tu menggelupas.
This cleanser also help us to moisture and to achieve a refreshed and fairer look without drying our skin.
Cleanser ni also deeply cleanse to remove dirt and impurities. Lepas pakai rasa laa yg makeup kat muka ni was removed but tak keseluruhannya. You guys kena jugak pakai makeup remover or oil cleanser :)

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