The blue sky tag. (thankyou for tagging me)
Tuesday, 23 May 2017 | 02:19 | 2comments
Hello :D

Okay, so I just realised that someone tagged me on her last post. This is her link :)

Thank you so much pretty :D 
I really appreciate that.  So I'll play the game 

So the rules of this game are:
1. Thank the person who tagged you
2. Answer their questions

I'm so sorry for not doing the third and forth rules. My bad hm :( 
Okay so let's answer the questions. I'm so excited tbh 

1. If given the choice to put your own name, what will you put your name?
To be honest, I love English name. So if given the choice of it, I will put my name as Marissa Dolan. I choose Dolan because I'm obsessed with Dolan Twins. So I want "Dolan" in my name. HAHAHAHA I know it's funny but why not :P

2, Mostly people will say "Girl or Women are complicated", do you agree? Why?
Hmmm, I don't think so. Mostly those people who always say this is boys and men because they are actually cannot understand us. They cannot guess our hints. Also, they don't fucking care about our feeling. So Girl or Women are actually not complicated. We just wanna be the best for ourselves.

3. What is the worst thing that you ever do in your life?
I have fallen in love with the wrong person. I thought that he will stand by my side but not. Just because one stupid thing that I did, he decided to leave me. He didn't realise that I just accept him just the way he is but you know, when someone has found someone who better than us, they will leave us. Oh one more thing, I think he is the dumbest human that I ever met. 

4. Do you believe in love at the first sight?
I think yes because of they're good-looking, But at once I know about his bad attitude, no more love. HAHAHAHHA

5. If you were a boy for a week, what the things that you really wanted to do?
I want to take off my hijab because of Malaysia so hot now and boy is haram to wear the hijab. Also, I want to know what boys think about girls when they saw them. And I really want to eat a lot because boys susah nak gemuk.

6. If you willing to be silly but beautiful or ugly but clever? Which one and why?
I prefer to be ugly but clever because everyone has their own beautifulness. Also when I'm clever, I can be whatever I want and I can be a rich person. When I have a lot of money, I can be beautiful using my own money :D

7. Describe the characteristic of the man that you like.
All of the characteristic which not like my ex :)

8. If you were not normal and you fall in with your friends. Who will be?
Nobody :P

9. What hurt you?
empty stomach :(

10. Your bad habits.
love talking alone in front of the mirror xD

11. Why did you love blogging?
Because I love writing :)

Done answered your questions, pretty :) I hope we can be friend. Hehe. 

Bye :D

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