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Tuesday, 11 July 2017 | 00:30 | 2comments
Hello guys

Since this blog is mine, so today, again, I'll write about myself. If you're not interested, it's okay. :') 

If you wanna know me better, just follow me on all of my social media. My username on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat is @husnarsli  *always plugged guys. huhu

Imej yang berkaitan

I'm a short girl. Not that short but my height is 1.52 m. I tried to increase my heights but it's too late. I drank a lot of milk, I ate a lot of protein, I took some supplements and did some workouts. It's woking but not same as my expectations. That's why quotes said no expectations, no disappointment. Before this, my height is 1.5 m. After did that stuff, now my height is 1.52 m. Now it doesn't grow anymore because of my age. I'm 18 and girls height stop growing at 18. But It's okay. I just need to maintain my weight to make it balance with my height. 

I have a slow voice. I don't know how to make it loud. It makes me hard to communicate with people because they can't hear me clearly. My voice is like stuck in my throat. When I present something in front of the class, I think my voice is loud enough. I asked my friend to record it. My expectations are not same as reality. My voice sounds like a chipmunk and it's not clear. I'm stressed. So if you guys have some tips to make voice clear, just comment down below. I will appreciate it :)

I hate wearing the baju kurung. Even the official school uniform. I hate it. I feel weird when I wear it. It makes my shoulder looks bigger than usual. A long time ago, my seniors said that I put the sponge in my school uniform. Hello, my shoulder is original straight okay? But I'm so grateful for having this big and straight shoulder. Sometimes I feel more confident because of it. Alhamdulillah and thank you Allah <#

I love music except for the rock and loud music. When I'm sad, stress or feel lonely, I just put my earphone on and close my eyes. About an hour later, I will be okay. In fact, I can study with the music on or not. Sometimes when my classmates are too loud, I just put my earphone and do whatever I want. So my head is always clear. Music helps me escape from the reality I live in.

I hate wearing the bawal scarf. My cheek looks chubby and my forehead looks wide. I don't know how other girls can handle that scarf. I just wear it when I'm in the mood to wear it. I prefer to wear the shawl. It's easy to reshape, iron and suitable for my round face. Even if it's not ironed, I still can reshape it and just do the Hanis Zalikha style.Actually, the shawl is suitable for the lazy girl like me. I really salute those girls who love to wear the bawals. You're the best bruh.

I'm the silent person. Nah, I'm not. Actually, I speak a lot but only with the people who close to me. Maybe they cannot hear me because of the #SECONDFACT. My teachers always ask me to be brave and confident to ask questions. I admit that I have a lack of confidence level. I think my teachers will never hear my voice so I decided to keep silent and just ask personally on Whatsapp. :)

Okay, that's all. I have a lot of things to write but I have no time. Thank you for reading this entry. I really appreciate it. Hope you always stay positive and believe in yourself. Bye :D

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