My confession
Sunday, 23 July 2017 | 05:14 | 2comments
Hello guys :)

Today I will write about something deep. Not really deep. Just wanna make it gempak. Acah acah right haha

Honestly, I'm not a silent person. I feel when I talk too much, it will make people around me annoyed or something like that. So I decided to keep quite and just listen to what people wanna say. Have you feel that talk too much is just waste your time, energy? For me, when we talk too much, we can "kelaut". You know what that means? We will talking sh*t, judge people, and make other people feel bad.

I hate make other people feel bad about themselves because of me. I know sometimes we can't handle it. But at least I tried. I don't want people think that I'm a silent person. Actually, I'm normal. Just like you. But sometimes it's awkward to talk with strangers. But when we already know each other, I'll treat you better than our first met.

Stop saying that I'm pendiam. No I'm not. I just don't want make you annoyed with me, I don't want say something that may hurt your feelings.

I admit sometimes my words are deep enough to make you feel bad. That's why I choose to close my mouth and just listen to you. When I feel annoyed with someone, my words can hurt him/her.

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